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Systems Council

Systems Council Chapter

Welcome to the IEEE UK and Ireland Systems Council Chapter.

Systems approach and systems engineering offer a multi-disciplinary and powerful suite of perspectives, methodologies, tools and assurance techniques and processes that can provide potent solutions to the current technological, societal and global challenges.

The Systems Council integrates IEEE activities regarding aspects of multiple disciplines and speciality areas of systems engineering including:

  • Systems Engineering education, standards, processes, methodologies
  • Systems Modelling, simulation, integration, resilience
  • Robust design, safety & human factors, security, usability, environmental
  • Project management, quality and mission assurance
  • Risk Management
  • Systems Architecture

The new in 2017 UK and Ireland Systems Council Chapter is currently seeking members with relevant competence and interest in all systems matters. The objective is to plan and deliver talks, events, competitions and a conference at a later stage in active partnership with industry and academic community.

The aim is for an active and dynamic chapter focused on the member value and dissemination of the state of the art in systems thinking and engineering. Please do not hesitate to contact the Chapter Chair with queries and suggestions.

Chapter Committee

Prof Ali Hessami
Prof Ali HessamiChapter Chair

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