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Watch Again | Systems Council Climate Change and Environmental Technology SIG Webinar – The Role of Hydrogen in Global Energy Transition and Climate Change Mitigation by Dr Farid Safari, Visiting Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Mitigation is one of the three pillars of our fight against climate change. Decarbonisation of different polluting sectors such as transportation and energy industries, as well as carbon removal from atmosphere are some crucial pathways for mitigation of climate change. Global energy transition aims to secure energy supply for the growing population of the world while reducing greenhouse gases emission of global energy consuming systems.

In the latest report (AR6) of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), alternative carbon-free fuels are regarded as effective role players in the global energy transition. Hydrogen is known as a versatile fuel for substituting conventional fossil fuels in industry and transportation. Growing interest in global hydrogen investment in the last 5 years has made this energy career an essential element of energy transition and climate change mitigation.

This talk highlights the role of hydrogen in future’s energy portfolio with respect to global climate goals and mitigation strategies.

Dr Farid Safari is a subject matter expert in sustainable hydrogen energy systems and has written many highly cited papers in this area. He will describe the importance of low-carbon hydrogen in the emerging energy portfolio of the future. Moreover, opportunities and challenges of the establishment of hydrogen economy will be highlighted and recent developments will be discussed.

About the Speaker

Dr Farid Safari is a visiting research fellow at Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. He is also a National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) postdoctoral fellow in the department of Energy Systems and Nuclear science at Ontario Tech University in Ontario, Canada.

Farid’s main area of research is hydrogen energy and its role in energy sustainability. Farid has carried out outstanding research in the area of sustainable hydrogen production and has published multiple highly cited papers in this area. He has served as chair and vice-chair for American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in Ontario, Canada.

Farid has been quoted and interviewed by major international media outlets such as BBC and Al Jazeera on climate change and energy transition related topics.