IEEE Future Directions

In order to address the rapid rate at which new technical fields evolve, IEEE has created a number of communities focused on fast-growing topic areas. Known as IEEE New Technology Connections: Future Directions, these groups facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among technical professionals, connect experts across disciplines, and develop programs, which challenge traditional technologies through novel research and applications.

In the UK and Ireland a number of these groups are under development and will be announced here.  The UK and Ireland Blockchain Group launched in February 2020 followed by the Cyber Security Group and Future Networks Group in November 2020.  The Quantum Group launched in late 2021.

Many of the communities are well established. These communities provide information/news portals and ways to connect and work for change with other professionals interested in the technology area. Some communities are still in the incubation phase and offer professional opportunities, as these communities recruit thought leaders and volunteers.

Learn more about these communities by clicking on the icons. Each link provides more information, as well as the ability to join them often at no charge.

Members can sign up for any of these communities, regardless of their IEEE and Society affiliation.