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Section Officers

The IEEE in the UK and Ireland is run by volunteers known as Section Officers who are charged by the IEEE with the responsibility of administering the Section’s affairs.  They ensure that the Section continues to meet the IEEE’s rules and ensures that it delivers a value proposition to its members; technical professionals and students who are looking to both foster working relationships and gain access to the latest technical research and knowledge.

Prof Ali Hessami
Prof Ali HessamiSection Chair
Prof Mike Hinchey
Prof Mike HincheySection Vice Chair
Dr Cyril Onwubiko
Dr Cyril OnwubikoSecretary
Mr Matthew Gream
Mr Matthew GreamTreasurer
Dr Steve Nightingale
Dr Steve NightingalePast Chair

Office Functions

The UK and Ireland Section Officers are supported in their work by other volunteers who provide invaluable assistance across a wide range of functions.  These include identifying members who are deserving of awards in recognition for their service to the UK and Ireland Section, industry liaison and managing and maintaining this website.

Lai Bun Lok
Lai Bun LokAssistant Secretary and National Societies Liaison Officer
Roy Ediss
Roy EdissConference Co-ordination
Shehan Lowe
Shehan LoweChapter Co-ordinator
Nick Wainwright
Nick WainwrightWebmaster
Merlyne De Souza
Merlyne De SouzaSTEM Officer
Peter Hill
Peter HillSection Historian
Steve Nightingale
Steve NightingaleSection Industry Ambassador
Francesco Fornetti
Francesco FornettiEducation Chair
Joseph Chikopela
Joseph ChikopelaEducation Vice Chair
VacancyIreland Representative