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Watch Again | Systems Council Systemic Innovation Special Interest Group Webinar – Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and Legal Liability by Dr John Kingston

Innovation comes with uncertainty and risk. When there are risks, there is always the potential for failure, which comes with liability and legal consequences. Understanding risks and potential ramifications is vital to ensure that innovation is not stifled through fear of negative consequences for innovators.

This program is dedicated to exploring various perspectives on innovation risks, their owners, liability and extent from a legal stand point.

This event should be of interest to active innovators particularly those pushing boundaries in new and exciting fields, leading business and industry leaders, researchers and academics who maybe interested to learn about the legal aspects of their innovative activities.

About the Speaker

Dr John Kingston is a Senior Lecturer at the Computer Science Department of Nottingham Trent University.

John has an extensive background in Artificial Intelligence and qualifications in Law. He spent over 20 years at the University of Edinburgh and seven years in a range of roles in government and industry before returning to academia.