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Workshop Call for Papers | 6G Communications for Sustainable Energy Management and Net-Zero

This workshop is part of the IEEE International Conference on Communications, Control, and Computing Technologies for Smart Grids taking place between 31 October and 3 November 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland.

A net-zero community is a region where a balance between energy generation and consumption is met reliably by renewable energy resulting in zero greenhouse gas emissions. Considering the adverse environmental effects and limited availability of fossil fuels-based energy resources, and global plans of environmental sustainability at international platforms, such as CoP-26, there is a worldwide inclination towards the use of renewable resources.

Renewable energy based microgrids, nano-grids supported by a low latency and reliable communications system is important in establishing net-zero communities and sustainable systems with unpredictable energy resources. 6G communications can also ensure seamless connectivity among renewable energy infrastructures, distributed smart grids, consumers and sellers through ground, air, or satellite communication modes, even providing coverage in remote areas.

This workshop invites researchers from industry and academia to share their recent findings and views on 6G communications aimed for sustainable energy management and development of net-zero communities. Topics investigating human behaviour towards contributing to net-zero goal, acceptance of massive changes in energy usage and the motivation of end-users of technology to adopt practices for a clean environment are also invited.

Workshop Paper Submission Deadline: July 15, 2023