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IEEE Power and Energy Webinar – Interconnection and Interoperability of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) in North America following IEEE 1547-2018

This event is co-hosted by IEEE Power and Energy Society Switzerland Chapter and IEEE PES Student Branch Chapters in the UK & Ireland.


This webinar highlights IEEE 1547-2018 Interoperability Requirements, use cases for DER and communications deployment architectures for DER integration. It also explains the role of UL 1741 SB and introduces the IEEE 1547 Protocols providing comparison of protocols and how to select them. Finally, this talk will explain the implications and guidance for DER integration and communications.

Overall this webinar will provide a high-level understanding of the DER communication technologies and certification requirements for Grid Operations.

About the Speaker

James Mater is one of the industry-leading experts on smart grid standards, interoperability, and the maturity of eco-systems of products based on these standards. James has given dozens of presentations and authored multiple papers on interoperability in the smart grid. He is a member of both the UL 1741SC, IEEE 2030,  SunSpec J3072 Profile and IEEE 1547 Work Groups.

James Co-Chairs the V2G Forum. More information: