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Watch Again | The Future of Hydrogen – Outlooks in Chile and the UK & Republic of Ireland

On 25th March, the IEEE PES Women in Power Committees of UK & Ireland and Chile co-hosted the webinar: “The Future of Hydrogen – Outlooks in Chile and UK & Republic of Ireland”. This webinar provided relevant information about what it takes to reach carbon neutrality with the help of hydrogen and other low carbon technologies in transport from the two countries’ perspectives. The event had more than 65 attendees and active engagement, which led to some great discussions.

The webinar started with the introduction by Valentina Marabolí from the Chilean WIP committee followed by a technical presentation by Veronica Puga (Ministry of Energy in Chile) In the second part, Jelena Ponocko introduced the UK&Ireland WIP Committee before  Despina Yiakoumi (Energy Systems Catapult) gave the second technical talk. Finally, a discussion panel was held with many questions from the audience leading to fruitful discussions.

About the Speakers:

Valentina Marabolí is an Electrical Civil Engineer since 2019. She graduated with honours from the Universidad de Chile. She specialized in power and energy systems, renewable energy and sustainability. She works in Colbun, which is one of the leading generation company in Chile. She is also a volunteer in IEEE PES Women in Power Chile since 2020.

Veronica Puga is part of the team leading the implementation of Chile’s National Green Hydrogen Strategy. Her specific areas are hydrogen valleys, labour & skills, local value & communities, certifications, and economic regulations. She previously worked in the NGO sector, tackling local sociotechnical challenges such as water and energy.

Veronica shared the main insights of the National Green Hydrogen Strategy, with a special focus on the key perspectives (quantities, costs, locations, international competition and carbon neutrality) and the role of transport within this high-level strategy.

Jelena Ponocko is the Chair of WIP UK&Ireland. She is a Lecturer in Distance Learning at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Manchester, UK. Her research focuses on data analytics and the analysis of the effects of wide-scale demand-side management on distribution and transmission network performance.

Despina Yiakoumi is a Transport Analyst at Energy Systems Catapult (ESC), and she contributes to the ESC’s work across transport and its interaction with the energy system by providing research, modelling and analysis capability. Despina came from the University of Aberdeen, where she was a PhD researcher in Energy Economics.

Despina compared different low carbon technologies for Heavy Good Vehicles (HGV) in the freight sector and told us more about the effects of infrastructure and policy on their uptake. Finally, she explained how the decisions within the HGV freight sector could impact the whole energy system.