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IEEE Electron Devices Society Chapter Celebrates Successful 2020 Industry Placement Program

IEEE EDS Industry Placement Program sponsors current and newly graduated students to the tune of (US$1000) each, to spend time in industry (placement) on any topic aligned with the IEEE Electron Devices Society. This includes quantum technologies, neuromorphic computing/accelerators of AI, compound semiconductors (GaN and SiC), renewables, 5G/IOT, reliability and CMOS.

The funds are designed to enable students and postdocs to link up with any company or research organisation engaged in these subject areas.

In 2020, the first batch of 10 students, 3 of whom were female, benefitted from the program in upcoming areas of 5G, Quantum computing, compound semiconductors and neuromorphic computing/AI accelerators.

Key points:

  • The student’s activities ranged from interleaved resonant power factor correction circuits in GaN, to reliability characterisation of RF front end modules and linearisation techniques for 5G.
  • There were two projects from India on recycling –
    • The use of AI techniques for assessing the damage to motor vehicles for insurance purposes.
    • Estimate the economic costs of recycling photovoltaic panels to minimize waste and environmental pollution.
  • A student gained experience cleaning and installing solar panels in a lab located in Switzerland.
  • Two students sponsored by BT on mitigation techniques for adversarial attacks on biometrics for continuous authentication systems and methods for physical layer security of networks, both relying on AI accelerators.
Download 2020 Industry Placement Program Presentation