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Watch Again | IEEE WIE UKI Ambassadors’ Scheme Early Career Talk 9 – An Inspirational and Empowering Webinar for Women in Engineering

About this Event

IEEE WIE in Engineering is an initiative with the goal to facilitate the recruitment and retention of women in technical disciplines globally. We envisage a vibrant community of IEEE women and men collectively using their diverse talents to innovate for the benefit of humanity.

Early Career Talk aims to expose participants to novel areas and aspects of engineering for solving real world problems. It also aims to establish a link for networking, mentorship and to create a connection for research opportunities.

Speaker: Jana Skirnewskaja

Area of career: Academia

Research interest: Augmented Reality Holographic Head-Up Displays for Carsremote

Talk title: Panoramic Augmented Reality Head-Up Displays to Increase Safety in Transportation

Talk topic: Touch control infotainment systems in modern vehicles are a major distraction to drivers and endanger road safety. Conventional head-up displays require the driver to shift the gaze from the far field of the road towards a small region on the windscreen. Panoramic holographic projections that provide an augmented reality experience in the driver’s field of view could prevent driver distraction.

We develop holographic automotive head-up display to project 3D Ultra-High Definition (UHD) images using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data in the driver’s field of view. This technology could be useful for many drivers, including elderly and disabled populations.

Biography: Jana is passionate about using holography to facilitate augmented reality applications the transportation sector. She sees the future through combining optics with machine learning and choosing an inclusive approach to incorporate everyone in the transportations. Jana is a member of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Connected Electronic and Photonic Systems and collaborates with UCL and the University of Oxford. Jana completed her MRes at UCL focusing on holographic displays for cars and her MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering at the University of Birmingham and her BSc at the Technical University of Braunschweig. She has industrial experience in the automotive industry and trained at Joseph Fourier University, France and Harvard University, USA.

Speaker: Dr Lina Mohjazi

Area of career: Academia

Research interests: Green and sustainable wireless communications, IoTs, machine learning, big data analytics, energy efficiency, fundamental performance limits, and Beyond 5G and its applications.

Talk title: Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Green Wireless Communications

Talk topic: Recent advances in programmable metasurfaces, also dubbed as software-defined metasurfaces (SDMs) or reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RISs), are envisioned to offer a paradigm shift from uncontrollable to fully tunable and customizable wireless propagation environments, enabling a plethora of new applications and technological trends. Therefore, in view of this cutting-edge technological concept, in this talk, I will introduce the RIS architecture and electromagnetic waves manipulation functionalities. I will then detail some of the recent advancements that have been made toward realizing these programmable functionalities in wireless communication applications. I will shed light on our recent research in RIS-assisted wirelessly powered IoT networks.

Biography: Lina Mohjazi received the BSc (Honors) degree from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) University, Al-Ain, UAE, in 2008 (Full Scholarship), the MSc degree from Khalifa University (KU), Abu Dhabi, UAE, in 2012 (Full Scholarship), and the PhD degree from the University of Surrey, Guildford, UK, in 2018, all in electrical and electronic engineering.

She is currently a Lecturer in Autonomous Systems and Connectivity at the James Watt School of Engineering, University of Glasgow, UK. She has co-authored 40+ research papers in international high-impact journals and highly-rated conferences as well as book chapters. Dr. Mohjazi is a Fellow of the Women’s Engineering Society and a Senior member of the IEEE, IEEE Women in Engineering, and IEEE Vehicular Technology Society. She is currently an Associate Editor for IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS and for the IEEE OPEN JOURNAL OF THE COMMUNICATIONS SOCIETY.

Dr Mohjazi has served as a member of the Technical Program Committee and as a Session Chair for several IEEE flagship conferences. She actively participates in organising IEEE conferences and workshops. Dr Mohjazi is endorsed as a UK Exceptional Talent by the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK. She is also the recipient of multiple teaching awards and the IEEE GPECOM 2022 best paper presentation award. She is an affiliate member of Mohammed Bin Rashid Academy of scientists, UAE.

Speaker: Mohammad H. Fouladfar

Area of career: Academia

Research interests: Energy Efficiency, Heat Pump, Design and Control.

Talk title: Energy Efficieny Heating and Cooling Control Systems

Talk topic: Mr Fouladfar’s current PhD research focuses on the development of advanced control solutions for a small energy system based on a district heating and cooling (DHC) network with decentralized heat pumps. This project is part of the larger European initiative for research REWARDHeat.

Through mathematical modelling, simulation, and experimental testing, he intends to develop novel strategies for enhancing building energy efficiency and lowering carbon emissions. His work emphasises the significance of decentralised and sustainable energy systems and contributes to the ongoing effort to combat global warming.

Biography: 2020 marked the beginning of Mr Fouladfar’s doctoral studies at the University of Bergamo in Italy. His educational background in power systems includes both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. Prior to my doctoral studies, he worked extensively in the field of energy management systems and energy efficiency, with a particular emphasis on the development and implementation of demand response strategies in smart buildings. He became passionate about sustainable energy solutions and their potential to reduce carbon emissions as a result of his work.

Speaker: Dr Neda Azarmehr

Area of career: Academia

Research interests: Computer Vision, Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Image Processing, Medical Imaging, Object Tracking

Talk title: Automated Echocardiographic Image Interpretation Using Artificial Intelligence

Talk topic: Dr Azarmehr will start with a brief introduction where she will explain the importance of my research. And then she will move on to the three main projects which focused on developing automated models using deep learning, computer vision algorithm, and medical image analysis to assess the left ventricle function which enables physicians to analyse cardiac echo images more precisely. She will finish her presentation with conclusions and the future work of this research.

Biography: Neda is a lecturer in Computer Science at the School of Computing and Engineering, University of West London. Previously, she was a Research Associate at the University of Sheffield (2021-2023). She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Neda obtained her PhD in Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence from the University of Lincoln (2017-2021).

Her research interests lie in the area of computer vision, in general, and medical imaging, in particular. In recent years, she has focused on developing automated techniques using deep learning for different biomedical image applications.