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Event Review | IEEE UK and Ireland Section Sponsors STEM for Britain 2022 Prizes

IEEE UK and Ireland sponsored two prizes in the STEM for Britain 2022 event at the UK Houses of Parliament in London.  STEM for Britain 2022 is an exhibition of posters by early-career research scientists, engineers and mathematicians showcasing cutting edge research in engineering, science and mathematics.

Professor Nauman Aslam represented the IEEE UK and Ireland Section where a total of 33 posters were presented in the engineering section. The Circuits and Systems chapter and Communications chapter sponsored one prize each for high quality research work in respective disciplines.

Circuits and Systems Society Chapter Award

Improving On-Road Safety: Embedded Limp-Home Strategy for Electric Vehicles – Zeliang Zhang, University of York

Communications Systems Society Chapter Award

Hardware Security of Electronic Devices – Gor Piliposyan, University of Liverpool

This poster also received the Gold Medal in Engineering from the Engineering Panel.

The Parliamentary & Scientific Committee’s STEM for BRITAIN 2023 will take place in the Houses of Parliament on Monday 6th March, during British Science Week. Applications will open on Monday 12th September.