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Power and Energy Chapter

Welcome to the IEEE UK and Ireland Power and Energy Chapter.

The Power and Energy Society (PES) provides the world’s largest forum for sharing the latest in technological developments in the electric power industry, for developing standards that guide the development and construction of equipment and systems, and for educating members of the industry and the general public. Members of the Power and Energy Society are leaders in this field and they — and their employers — derive substantial benefits from involvement with this unique and outstanding association. Its mission is to “…be the leading provider of scientific and engineering information on electric power and energy for the betterment of society, and the preferred professional development source for our members”; our Chapter executes this mission in the UK and Ireland region.

PES embraces aspects pertaining to research, development, planning, design, construction, maintenance, installation and operation of equipment, structures, materials and power systems for the safe, sustainable, economic and reliable conversion, generation, transmission, distribution, storage and usage of electric energy, including its measurement and control.

We organise technical, professional development and social activities, including technical talks, conferences and workshops, industrial visits, career development activities for student and young professionals and member specific activities. We welcome volunteers to help us organise or collaborate on activities and events, share ideas and provide feedback or provide us with financial funding to support our Chapter activities.

Chapter Committee

Mr Eduardo Audiche
Mr Eduardo AudicheChapter Chair

Upcoming Events

209, 2023

Watch Again | IEEE Power and Energy Distinguished Lecture – Synchronised Waveform Measurement and Applications in Power Systems

In this presentation, Dr Rahmatian provides an overview of advanced voltage and current sensors providing synchro-waveforms and their potential application, with a focus on grid resiliency. The presentation discusses applications such as accurate fault location and high-frequency harmonics detection near IBRs.

3108, 2023

Watch Again | IEEE Power and Energy Distinguished Lecture – The Energy Transition in Canada and Ontario

This Distinguished Lecture provides an overview of Canadian provincial and remote community grids, and a more detailed discussion of Ontario’s power grid, market, and future expansion plans, from an emissions perspective.

508, 2023

Watch Again | IEEE Power and Energy Distinguished Lecture – Advanced Prediction Techniques Applied to Smart Grids

This Distinguished Lecture reviews the recent outcomes of some smart grid challenges addressed by novel prediction techniques at the generation and transmission levels.

1507, 2023

Watch Again | PES Distinguished Lecture – Optimal Operation of Power Systems with High IBR Penetration

This talk introduced optimal system operation strategies which are developed to maintain the security and stability of the grid in a most cost-effective manner.

2706, 2023

Watch Again | PES Workshop – Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) for Demand Response: Solutions for the Energy Crisis

The IEEE Power and Energy Society Switzerland organised this workshop that focuses on the latest developments in Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) for residential demand response and which was co-hosted by IEEE Power and Energy Society UK and Ireland Section.

Welcome to the IEEE PES UK and Ireland Chapter Women in Power (WiP) Goup.

The main mission of WiP is to advance the world through the creativity and innovation of diverse leadership, and to foster the careers, connections and talent of women in the power industry to achieve their full potential and become leaders of the future.

The WiP initiative serves ambitious, professional women in the power and energy industry looking for leadership positions and career advancement – the skills, networking and mentorship offered benefit women throughout the industry, whether they are engineers, attorneys, policy makers or accountants.  This initiative is not exclusive for women, therefore, everybody is welcome to join and participate.

Our role is to promote female power engineers in academia and industry, liaising between those who have established themselves in their respective area and are now serving as role models or mentors, and early or mid-career engineers who seek guidance and advice on their way to becoming leaders themselves.

Chapter Committee

  • Chair:Angeliki Loukatou, Energy Insight Lead, National Grid ESO
  • Vice Chair:Rosa Serrano, Postgraduate Researcher, University of Manchester
  • Secretary:Ana Radovanovic, Postgraduate Researcher, University of Manchester
  • Event Lead:Wenjuan Song, Lecturer, University of Glasgow
  • Event Coordinator:Lois Efe, Postgraduate Researcher, University of Manchester
  • Industry Liasion:Despina Yiakoumi, Forecasting Manager at Low Carbon Contracts Company
  • Past Chair:Jelena Ponocko, University of Manchester
Angeliki Loukatou
Angeliki LoukatouGroup Chair

Find out more about the WiP committee here.

Past Chairs

Jianing Li
Jianing Li2021-2022
Panagiotis Papadopoulos
Panagiotis Papadopoulos2019-2020
Ivan Castro Leon
Ivan Castro Leon2017-2018
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