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Event Review | IEEE Power and Energy Hybrid Seminar – Control Interaction Studies In Connecting HVDCs, Wind Farms, and Power Electronics Based Devices to Electrical Networks by Dr Afshin Pashaei, National Grid, UK

On Friday, 26th April 2024, the IEEE seminar titled “Control Interaction Studies in Connecting HVDCs, Wind Farms, And Power Electronics Based Devices To Electrical Networks” was delivered by Dr Afshin Pashaei. It attracted in excess of 80 attendees, both online and in-person. It was a highly informative and insightful event.

This event was organised by IEEE PES UK&I Chapter and hosted locally by the IEEE Student Branch PES Chapter at the Imperial College London, also co-organised by all other UK&I PES Student Branch Chapters.

Event Flyer

The talk piqued the interest of attendees from various industries. The seminar commenced with an introduction by Sai Pavan Polisetty, Chair of IEEE PES SBC ICL, who provided an overview of IEEE PES and introduced Dr Afshin Pashaei to the audience.

Dr Pashaei’s presentation delved into the nuances of operability and control interactions. He provided a comprehensive understanding of stable and unstable control interactions, as well as dynamic performance studies. His practical experiences and insights into different types of control interactions captivated attendees from diverse industries.

Dr Afshin Pashaei providing an overview of challenges in EMT control interaction studies

The seminar also addressed challenges in EMT control interaction studies, highlighting the complexities involved in ensuring the stability and efficiency of electrical networks.

At the end of seminar, Dr Afshin engaged with the audience by addressing intriguing questions from both offline and online participants, fostering an interactive and collaborative atmosphere. This dynamic interaction facilitated a comprehensive exploration of the seminar’s topic, enriching the learning experience for all involved.

Dr Afshin Pashaei is a distinguished HVDC SME and leader in the energy sector with a comprehensive background across HVDC manufacturing, utility (transmission network), wind farm development, and R&D organizations. Afshin is the Power Quality and Dynamic Performance Manager at National Grid UK. He excels in addressing technical, design, and strategic challenges, with significant achievements in VSC HVDC control systems and the formulation of dynamic performance standards.

As a Chartered Engineer, Senior Member of IEEE, and Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, his work is crucial in advancing transitions to future networks and enhancing HVDC solutions.

In-person audience at Imperial College London

The Imperial College London IEEE PES SBC organising committee extended their sincere appreciation to Dr Afshin Pashaei for his enlightening presentation.

Sai Pavan Polisetty
Chair, IEEE PES SBC at Imperial College London