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Event Review | IEEE Power and Energy Distinguished Lecture – Electric Vehicle Battery Charging Using Plug-in Solutions by Prof Emil Levi, Liverpool John Moores University

This Distinguished Lecture was organised by the IEEE PES Student Branch Council at the University of Manchester.

On Wednesday, 24th April 2024, the highly anticipated IEEE PES DAY Distinguished Lecture Program (DLP) titled “Electric Vehicle Battery Charging Using Plug-in Solutions” was delivered by Professor Emil Levi, Professor of Electric Machines and Drives at Liverpool John Moores University. The hybrid lecture, held in Engineering_A_3.053, at 13:00 BST, proved to be a highly informative and insightful event.

The talk, organised and hosted by The University of Manchester IEEE PES Student Branch Council at the University of Manchester, piqued the interest of attendees from various backgrounds and universities. The event had both in-person and online attendees from across academia and industry.

Event Flyer

Elizabeth Michalenko, Chair of IEEE PES SBC UoM, started the event by providing a short presentation on IEEE and PES Day, followed by an introduction of the speaker, Professor Emil Levi.

Elizabeth Michalenko, Chair IEEE PES SBC UoM, introducing Professor Emil Levi to the audience

Professor Emil Levi’s presentation was a detailed overview of the latest developments and challenges regarding electric vehicle charging. Drawing from his extensive knowledge on battery charging innovations and worldwide electrification goals, he shared valuable insights and practical solutions.

Professor Levi started the lecture by talking about the current trends in the EV industry and presented several intriguing statistics on the evolution of EV battery charging technology. Then, he gave the audience insights into the various plug-in solutions and the pros and cons of their topologies before delving into the technical details of integrated and non-integrated charging. He concluded the lecture by discussing the future of Electric Vehicles, which included polyphase charging and V2X(Vehicle-to-Everything) technologies.

Professor Emil Levi talking about fully integrated on-board charging

Finally, there was a Q&A session, which had both online and in-person participants asking thought-provoking questions about the future of EV charging markets, the evolution of charging technology, and the details of EV battery regulations.

In-Person Q&A Session

Elizabeth Michalenko, Chair of IEEE PES SBC UoM, reading the online questions during the Q&A

The University of Manchester IEEE PES SBC organising committee expresses their sincere gratitude to Professor Emil Levi for his detailed and thought-provoking lecture.

Samvit Mavinkurve

Vice Chair, IEEE PES SBC at The University of Manchester