Call For Papers for the Workshop at IRCE 2020 – Artificial Intelligence for Improving Trustworthiness Of Robots and Autonomous Systems

The 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Control Engineering (IRCE 2020), hosted at the University of Oxford, will provide unique opportunity to have fruitful discussions about Intelligent Robotics, Automation and Control Engineering, and best practices that address Artificial Intelligence. We now seek paper submissions for the workshop that adhere to the standard IRCE 2020 length, format and submission deadline.

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Call for Papers – IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems

This special issue of IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems extends previous work in cognitive and developmental RAS, focusing on AI and Edge Computing for trustworthy RAS, by enhancing the abilities of RAS to address anomalies from cyber space and external environments. It focuses on self-diagnosis and interactions with humans on a mutual trust basis, improving the performance of RAS in the context of different application domains, such as extreme environments, social & health care and manufacturing, and exploring new applications enabled by the Internet of Robotic Things.

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Call For Papers for the Workshop at WCCI2020 on Artificial Intelligence for Improving Trustworthiness of Robots and Autonomous Systems

The Robotics and Automation Chapter are seeking paper submissions for WCCI 2020, the bi-annual IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, workshop. This will cover topics related to the trustworthiness of RAS through AI techniques and Edge Computing.

IEEE UK and Ireland Robotics for Humanity Competition

What is the Robotics for Humanity Competition? The Robotics for Humanity Challenge welcomes students, researchers and entrepreneurs to focus on the development of human-robot interaction and Artificial Intelligence technology, which has a direct impact on human health, welfare, safety or security. Who can compete? Everybody is welcome to submit an idea. Teams of up [...]

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Robotics and Autonomous Systems – Northern Robotics Network

The Northern Robotics Network  (NRN) is an industrial consortium focussing on the nuclear, aerospace, food manufacturing, transport and smart cities sectors. The Northern Robotics Network is an open network of people from across the north of the UK interested in robotics and autonomous systems. NRN will organise meetings, events and networking for the Northern robotics community. Building [...]

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