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Watch Again | Building Back Better – How Automation Could Help the Recovery of the UK by Mike Wilson, Chief Automation Officer at the Manufacturing Technology Centre

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The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on the UK economy and coupled with Brexit means we are facing the most significant recovery challenge since the Second World War.

Our manufacturing sector has for many years suffered from lack of investment and a perceived lack of importance to the UK economy. We need to create growth by investment in both advanced manufacturing facilities and our workforce. This is the opportunity to build back better by reinvigorate manufacturing and generating a prosperous economy both for today and future generations.

About the Speaker:

Mike Wilson has over 35 years of experience in the application of automation to manufacturing across a broad range of industry sectors and is widely recognised as one of the leading authorities on the application of industrial robot systems in the UK.

Mike is Chief Automation Officer at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), leading the drive to increase the adoption of automation in UK manufacturing. He is also Chairman of the British Automation and Robot Association, a Director of the Manufacturing Technologies Association and has previously been Chairman of the International Federation of Robotics. His book “Implementation of Robot Systems” was published in 2014.