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Watch Again | PES Workshop – Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) for Demand Response: Solutions for the Energy Crisis

How is load disaggregation enabling demand response? Does it have a role to play in the energy crisis?

The IEEE Power and Energy Society Switzerland organised this workshop that focuses on the latest developments in Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) for residential demand response and which was co-hosted by IEEE Power and Energy Society UK and Ireland Section.

Topics included:

  • Trustworthy NILM
  • Using the smart meter customer interface
  • Advances in NILM privacy and security
  • NILM in practice: lessons from GIASES pilot project
  • Transferability and NILM

Speakers included:

  • Dr Lina Stankovic, Reader, University of Strathclyde
  • Herman Huni, CEO, gPlug
  • Colin Gounden, CEO, VIA Scientific AG
  • Guido Kniesel, Senior Researcher, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences
  • Thomas Gall, CEO, ASGAL Informatik GmbH
  • Christoph Klememjak, Senior Researcher, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences

Hosted by: Ben Bowler, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

The workshop included an interactive session, where participants could exchange ideas and experiences related to NILM and residential demand response. Through these sessions, participants were able to explore new strategies for implementing NILM and discuss potential challenges related to the adoption of this technology.

The workshop provided an opportunity for participants to learn about the potential benefits of NILM and how it can contribute to a more sustainable and efficient energy system.