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The group is here to support membership development of the IEEE and this page contains specific information for the UK and Ireland Section as well as links to useful pages of the main IEEE Website. If you are thinking about becoming a member this link is a good starting point.

Special rates are available for those with special circumstances for example those on a very low income, in retirement, unemployment, or with a permanent disability.  If you think you may be eligible, then please contact Member Services, providing as much detail as possible in your message.

As a Section, we recently received a reward for our membership development work, related to our membership retention, and this means that you, as our members, have been loyal to IEEE and the Section, for which we want to thank you. As with many things, there is always room for improvement and we are always happy to hear from members, thereby ensuring that we continue developing loyalty to IEEE.  Please get in touch with questions and/or comments.

Membership Development (MD)

  • Chair:Dr Wim JC Melis, Greenwich University
  • As we regularly get request from members who want to elevate to senior membership, but do not know enough other senior members to support their application, the section has a due diligence process in place to support these members, which is supported by the following Membership Development Team members, please feel free to contact them directly with regards to your elevation support request, or, alternatively, get in touch with the MD Chair.

  • Development Team Member:Dr Peter Corcoran,  Galway, West Ireland – Areas of Interest: Consumer Electronics, Digital Cameras, Image and Video Processing, Wireless Systems, Biometrics, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing
  • Development Team Member:Dr Adrian Stephens, Cambridge, East Anglia – IEEE SA Standards Board Member and 802.11 working group chair
  • Development Team Member:Mr Bernard Gillespie, Retired – Areas of Interest: All
  • Development Team Member:Mr Pino de Francesco, Ireland – Areas of Interest: All
  • Development Team Member:Mr Arijit Bagchi, Dublin City – Areas of Interest: Power system operations and planning, power markets, smart grids
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Dr Wim JC Melis

Dr Wim JC Melis


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