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IEEE UK & Ireland Women in Engineering Awards 2023

The primary goal of the awards is to recognise the volunteers and members of the United Kingdom and Ireland Section who have volunteered their time and made a significant contribution supporting Women in Engineering.

Where possible we aim to support diversity through consideration of awards across our geographical region. Awards include a plaque and a small monetary award in addition to recognition on the IEEE WIE UK & Ireland website.

The awards will be presented at a virtual event.


Key Dates

  • Applications Due: 31st March 2023
  • IEEE UK&I WIE Lecture and Award Presentation: 2nd June 2023, 3pm UTC

Previous Winners (2021)

  • Excellence in Engineering: Hanan Hindy
  • Change Catalyst for Equal Engineering: Toni Collis
  • IEEE WIE UK&I Kay McNulty Award: Caroline Sheedy
  • IEEE WIE UK&I Inspirational Volunteer Award: Iman El-Dessouki

Application Requirements

  • The applicant or the person nominating the applicant must be a member of the IEEE
    • Verified via a membership number
  • Application to be submitted should be a PDF file including:
    • Applicant and nominee name (if appropriate) and IEEE number
    • Name of Award applied for
    • A 500 word summary describing why the applicant is eligible for the award
    • Maximum 2 A4 pages of supporting evidence including demonstrable evidence of the applicant’s work for example emails, screenshots, images and tables of information. External links must not be included and will not be considered (use screenshots instead).
  • Two references. Suggested examples include:
    • At least one must be from an IEEE member (include membership number).
    • Either references can come from:
      • a person who can describe their role work directly
      • a person who can attest to benefitting directly from their work
  • Priority will be given to a ground level person rather than specifically EDI roles for the awards Change Catalyst and Inspirational Volunteer
  • Applicants may only receive a single award but may apply for multiple awards if appropriate.

Your IEEE number is needed to verify that you are affiliated with the IEEE. If you do not have an IEEE number then provide the IEEE number of your supporter. Applicants must be from the UK & Ireland region.


Award Details

Describe in 500 words (max) why this award is deserved. If you are unsuccessful in obtaining the selected award we may consider you for one of the other awards.

Provide one or two references to verify your contribution.

Up to two pages of supporting information may be provided.


Before submitting your application please check that you have included the following:

  1. Application form with IEEE Member Number
  2. Two reference from people who can describe your role work directly or can attest to benefitting directly from your work
  3. A maximum of two pages of support material evidencing your work

Your data will be retained for the purpose of processing the awards and then deleted.

Evaluation Committee

  • The evaluation team are members of the IEEE UK&I WIE committee.
  • Criteria for evaluation of the data can be seen in the attached rubric.
  • Each application will be evaluated and ranked by at least two members of the committee.
  • The evaluation committee will agree winners by considering the rankings from evaluators. Where rankings are equal, consideration will be given to:
    • The geographical region where the applicant is based – priority will be given to under-represented regions.
    • The nature of the applicant’s job – for the Change Catalyst and Inspirational Volunteer awards, priority will be given to applicants whose work on change is not part of their main role.
  • The evaluation committee are not eligible to apply for any of the awards but may nominate people for awards.