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Watch Again | Horizons of Optical, Photonics and Emerging Sciences (HOPES): Present Trends and the Future of Silicon Photonics by Prof Graham T Reed, University of Southampton

For the first event of the HOPES seminar series of 2023, we welcomed Prof Graham Reed from the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) of the University of Southampton to discuss the Present Trends and the Future of Silicon Photonics.

For the first time in this series, the event was held in a hybrid format, both live streaming and in person at the university. The online event reached around 80 live attendees and 400 views of the uploaded video in the first weeks since being posted. The seminar room was filled to capacity, with around 80 attendees including students and staff members of the university. This was possible thanks to the Optics and Photonics Student Society of the University of Southampton (OpSoc) who helped with the organisation.

Graham Reed is a pioneer in the field of silicon Photonics, and established the Silicon Photonics Group at the University of Surrey 34 years ago. His great knowledge and expertise provided valuable insights on future applications, milestones that could be reached in the near future, and long-term expectations for this field. His presentation included an introduction to Silicon Photonics and the research carried out at the ORC, recent results in data centre communications and mid-infrared applications, and an analysis of current trends such as AI, LiDAR, space communications and how these could evolve in the future.

Interesting seminar held by a pioneer of the field, Professor Graham Reed. A deep dive on silicon photonics and its history, ranging from current applications to future developments. The expertise, knowledge and passion of the speaker help you understand and navigate the different topics addressed in the talk.

T. Pento, Test Engineer, Phoelex