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Section Promotes IEEE Glasgow Tartan

IEEE UK and Ireland Section is promoting the IEEE Glasgow Tartan Glasgow, created by the Glasgow Convention Bureau to mark the 30th anniversary of IEEE conferences in Glasgow.

A tartan is a patterned cloth that visually represents a family or clan. The IEEE Glasgow tartan is a modern-day representation of belonging for IEEE members. The tartan, woven in Scotland by Ingles Buchan using traditional methods, consists of crisscross bands, using blue to represent knowledge, integrity, expertise, and stability and white to represent light, safety, and purity.  It is made from 100% pure wool, and available as a fabric, tie and scarf.

The tartan was officially unveiled by Glasgow’s Lord Provost, Eva Bolander in a presentation to the IEEE President, Professor Jose Moura, at a 30th Anniversary IEEE Dinner held at Glasgow City Chambers in September 2019.  The event coincided with the HISTELCON2019 conference and the IEEE Milestone Plaque Unveiling commemorating the Standardisation of the Unit of Resistance; both of which were held in the City.

Tartan products have recently been presented as gifts by the Section to certain members in recognition of their volunteer efforts to benefit members generally, and particularly those who have supported member development and elevations in recent years.

IEEE members can benefit from a 10% discount on IEEE Glasgow Tartan products and free delivery by using code TARTAN10.