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Finalists Announced for First Women in Circuits and Systems Workshop

The IEEE UK and Ireland Circuits and Systems Chapter presents its first, Women in Circuits and Systems (WiCAS) Workshop. The scope of the workshop is to promote the excellent research done by women early career researchers in our Section and to foster opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Attendance is free and selected presenters will be awarded cash prizes to be decided based on the actual and potential impact the work presented and the quality of the presentations by a committee appointed by the Chair of the IEEE UK and Ireland Circuits and Systems Chapter, Professor Izzet Kale.

The final presentations have now been selected:

Time Presenter Title of Talk
14:00 Mandana Ardeshir Novel Wireless Power Transfer for Biomedical Applications
14:15 Arlene John A 1D-CNN Based Deep Learning Technique for Sleep Apnea Detection in IoT Sensors
14:30 Alina-Irina Serban Remote monitoring for Households with Dementia: An Intelligent IoT approach
14:45 Nazanin Neshatvar A Neuroprosthetic Interface for Heart Transplantation
15:00 Maryam Saeed Event-Driven ECG Classification Using an Open-Source, LC-ADC Based Non-Uniformly Sampled Dataset
15:15 Salinna Abdullah Towards More Efficient DNN-Based Speech Enhancement for Hearing Prostheses
15:30 Farah Sinada Application of AI and Deep Learning in the Diagnosis of Neglected Tropical Diseases Using Kato-Katz Images to be Implemented on a Custom IC/FPGA
15:45 Serena de Gelidi Shape acquisition of the chest boundary to improve lung monitoring in infants
16:00 Noora Almarri A wirelessly powered optogenetic implantable device to stimulate peripheral nerves to help treat Motor Neurone Disease (MND)
16:15 Maryam Habibollahi Highly selective implantable bioelectronic devices for peripheral nerve stimulation
16:30 Li Xiaolin A 1D Convolutional Neural Network for Heartbeat Classification from Single Lead ECG
16:45 Farnaz Fahimi Hanzaee Designing a system on a chip for electrical impedance tomography imaging using CMOS and organic electronics

It’s not too late to register and reserve your place for the very first WiCAS workshop.