RAS Prestigious Lecture | AI Robotics for Sustainable Space Exploration and Exploitation

The lecture will review the AI robotics roadmap for space missions and what’s over the horizon. It will also present some latest research work and technology development involving robotic vision, machine learning and biomimetic mechanisms, applicable to mission scenarios such as formation flying, on-obit assembly, active debris removal, planetary sample return and ISRU.

IEEE PES Distinguished Lecture | February Texas Blackouts and Grid Reliability

The IEEE PES Student Branch Chapter at University College Dublin and IEEE PES Student Branch Chapter at The University of Manchester will host the IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturer Program “February Texas Blackouts and Grid Reliability” By Dr Jessica Bian. This talk will explore what happened in Texas and what will be a post-mortem analysis and assessment of alternatives.

IEEE Conference | Advances in Communications, Devices and Systems (ACDS)

The Imperial College IEEE Student Branch is teaming up with the EEE PhD Student Representatives to bring you the 2021 IEEE Conference on Advances in Communications, Devices and Systems (ACDS). This year’s conference theme is “Things that might shock you” and includes a keynote presentation by Dr Ayush Bhandari of Imperial College London.

Webinar | Role of UAVs in Future Wireless Networks

IEEE Future Networks UK and Ireland Local Group is pleased to present a webinar "Role of UAVs in future wireless networks" consisting of two presentations: "UAV Infrastructure in Future Wireless Networks: Opportunities and Challenges" by Boris Galkin and "Role of flying platforms for global connectivity: Paving the Way Towards Future Wireless Networks" by Muhammad Zeeshan Shakir

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