Webinar | New Frontiers in Terahertz Technology

This talk will describe some of our recent results on developing fundamentally new terahertz electronic/optoelectronic components and imaging/spectrometry architectures to mitigate performance limitations of existing terahertz systems.

IEEE Virtual Symposium | Digital Workplace, Employability & Entrepreneurship

IEEE UK & Ireland Consumer Electronics & Broadcast Technology Chapter and Technology & Engineering Management Society Chapter in partnership with the University of Management and Technology, Sierra Leone present an IEEE Virtual Symposium on Digital Workplace, Employability & Entrepreneurship.

DCU IEEE Student Branch | Role for Hydrogen in the Clean Energy Transition

Hydrogen will play an important role in clean energy generation while transitioning from traditional fuel sources. In this talk, Dr James Carton will discuss their team's work in developing the necessary technology for running Ireland's public transport on a clean energy source such as Hydrogen.

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