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IEEE SSIT Distinguished Lecture | mHealth4Afrika – Issues Associated with Technology Adoption in Resource Constrained Environments by Prof Paul Cunningham, Chair, UK and Ireland Section

University of Sheffield Student Branches (including Power and Energy (PES)), UK and Ireland Power and Energy Society ChapterUK and Ireland SSIT Chapter and SSIT IST-Africa SIGHT are cooperating to organise this SSIT Distinguished Lecture at University of Sheffield on 21 February 2024.

Prof Paul M Cunningham (Chair, IEEE UK and Ireland Section) will briefly present the IEEE UK and Ireland Section and associated volunteer opportunities followed by an SSIT Distinguished Lecture “mHealth4Afrika – Issues associated with Technology Adoption in Resource Constrained Environments“.

This meeting will take place in University of Sheffield at 1pm on 21 February 2024.

Distinguished Lecture Focus

Supported by the European Commission, mHealth4Afrika co-designed and validated a state-of-the-art modular, extensible and multilingual standards-based health information system to support strengthening primary healthcare delivery in resource-constrained environments in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi and South Africa

This SSIT Distinguished Lecture (DL) by Prof. Paul M Cunningham (IST-Africa Institute, Ireland) will share insight gained from mHealth4Afrika related to co-designing appropriate technological solutions to address societal challenges in resource-constrained environments.


This event is open to all IEEE Members and Volunteers (including local Student Branch Members) as well as other staff and students at local universities and local industry representatives.

IEEE Members (including Student Members) should include their IEEE Membership Number when registering.

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