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IEEE Milestone Symposium | Celebrating the Invention of the CT X-Ray Scanner at EMI Electronics, Hayes, England by Sir Godfrey Hounsfield

It is 50 years since the emergence of the CT scanner demonstrated the arrival of a powerful new imaging technology that would transform diagnostic medicine for millions of patients across the world. The invention of the CT Scanner by Godfrey Hounsfield at EMI Electronics, and the subsequent development of his research in to a commercial product, led to the award of a Nobel Prize and a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth.

IEEE has awarded one of its prestigious Milestone plaques to the United Kingdom and Ireland Section to honour Sir Godfrey’s achievements. The UK & Ireland Life Member Committee has organised a celebration comprising two events on successive days.

The plaque will be unveiled on Wednesday October 26th at Jupiter House, formerly the EMI Head Office building, Clayton Road, Hayes.  The ceremony will take place from 2-4pm.

A symposium of talks about the history of the invention and its subsequent application in clinical practice will be held on Thursday October 27th  at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, Albemarle Street, London.

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