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ETSIG Webinar: Uncertain Times – Smart Cities and Resilience

The Environmental Technology Special Interest Group (ETSIG) of the Systems Council Chapter will hold an online public lecture/webinar on 29th April 2020.

Systems Council


Smart cities can be more resilient – or less – to natural and man-made disasters. Resilience can be increased through using “smart” technologies (IoT, AI/analytics etc) to mitigate and respond to climate change challenges, disasters, and other unforeseen shocks like the current COVID-19 pandemic. But resilience can also be reduced, where smart technologies enable new modes of failure. This talk will review the potential pros and cons.

About the speaker

Dr Peter Williams has 35 years’ experience in helping businesses and governments adapt to, and make the most of, new technology. By background a strategy and process consultant, he was formerly the CTO of IBM’s “Big Green Innovations” unit, where he played a major role in the development of IBM’s “smarter planet” businesses in the areas of environmental management, water management, smart cities and disaster resilience. He now focuses on the applications of big data, IOT, AI, blockchain and digital twinning to public infrastructure and public services, and to resilience.

Peter was the lead author of the UN DRR’s City Disaster Resilience Scorecard, now used by over 200 cities globally, and recently led, pro bono, the creation of a further UN Scorecard for the resilience of industrial and commercial real estate.

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