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Robotics and Automation Chapter

Welcome to the IEEE UK and Ireland Robotics & Autonomous Systems Chapter.

The Chapter is concerned with promoting the study and uptake of RAS technology within the region and encompasses aspects of training, research, development and a wide range of application domains. The latter include Nuclear (assembly and decommissioning), Transport (autonomous cars, marine, trains and aircraft), manufacturing (robotics and fully autonomous plants), smart cities (intelligent homes services and intelligent robots) and humanoid robot development to push the boundaries of engineering and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

In the UK the EPSRC has recently made major investments in university robotics research groups and established a major national network. The government has defined robotics as one of the key strategic technologies and future UK funding for this topic seems assured. Business and commerce are interested in the development of fully autonomous processes and public interfaces and industry are developing new paradigms based on fully autonomous self-organized production processes.

Currently we are working closely with the Northern Robotics Network which is a branch of innovate UK RAS SIG KTN to promote RAS within academia and industry in the North of England. This is a pilot scheme which hopefully will be developed within all UK regions and become powerful foci for the development and industrial exploitation of RAS technology. There are thus now great opportunities for young engineering AI specialist to develop prosperous careers in this subject.

We also co-sponsor events with Defra’s Food manufacturing Engineering Group which focuses on the uptake of automation and IOT technology in state of the art food production. This currently is one of the largest UK growth sectors for the uptake of robotics technology.

Chapter Committee

  • Chair:Prof John Gray, Professor of Robotics and Systems Engineering, University of Manchester
  • Secretary:Dr Mary He, Lecturer, Cranfield University
  • Treasurer:Dr Joaquin Carrasco Gomez, Lecturer, University of Manchester
  • Committee Member:Prof Kaspar Althoefer, Professor of Robotics Engineering, Queen Mary University, London
  • Committee Member:Prof Antonios Tsourdos, Director of Research, School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing at Cranfield University
  • Committee Member:Prof Sanja Dogramadazi, Professor of Medical Robotics, Bristol Robotics Laboratory
  • Committee Member:Prof Svetan Ratchev, Cripps Professor of Production Engineering, University of Nottingham
  • Committee Member:Prof Jian Dai, Chair in Mechanisms and Robotics, King’s College London
  • Committee Member:Dr Andrea Paoli, Senior Lecturer in Robotics and Automation, University of Lincoln
  • Committee Member:Dr Jelizaveta Konstantinova, Research coordinator at Ocado Technology, London
  • Committee Member:Dr Nikolaos Athanasopoulos, Lecturer, School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Queen’s University, Belfast
  • Committee Member: Dr Helge Wurdemann, Lecturer in Medical Devices, Mechanical Engineering, UCL, London
  • Committee Member: Dr Niels Lohse, Loughborough University
Prof John Gray
Prof John GrayChapter Chair

Upcoming Events

2108, 2021

Watch Again | RAS Prestigious Lecture – AI Robotics for Sustainable Space Exploration and Exploitation

This lecture reviews the AI robotics roadmap for space missions and what’s over the horizon. It presents latest research work and technology development involving robotic vision, machine learning and biomimetic mechanisms, applicable to mission scenarios such as formation flying, on-obit assembly, active debris removal, planetary sample return and ISRU.

2403, 2021

Watch Again | RAS Webinar – Building Back Better: How Automation Could Help the Recovery of the UK

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on the UK economy and coupled with Brexit means we are facing the most significant recovery challenge since the Second World War.

1001, 2020

Call For Papers for the Workshop at WCCI2020 on Artificial Intelligence for Improving Trustworthiness of Robots and Autonomous Systems

The Robotics and Automation Chapter are seeking paper submissions for WCCI 2020, the bi-annual IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, workshop. This will cover topics related to the trustworthiness of RAS through AI techniques and Edge Computing.

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