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Communications Chapter

Welcome to the IEEE UK and Ireland Communications Chapter.

The Communications Chapter, through its members, encompasses a diverse range of activities and events devoted to communications engineering and technology. As one of the flagship Chapters of the IEEE UK and Ireland Section, it has over 1000 members and supports a large number of Communications focussed conferences and student events.

Since 2003 the Chapter has offered a number of prizes including the Best MSc Communications Project prizes and Best Final Year prizes for students at UK university departments who are prominent in the communications field.

We collaborate with other Chapters and Student Branches to organise events, distinguished lectures, to promote the activities of the IEEE and to inspire members of the communications engineering community. We always welcome new members and encourage them to become involved in Chapter activities.

Chapter Committee

  • Chair:Prof Nauman Aslam, University of Northumbria at Newcastle
  • Secretary:Dr Mohsin Raza, Edge Hill University
  • Treasurer:Dr Hoa Le Minh, University of Northumbria at Newcastle
  • Past Chair:Dr Hoa Le Minh, University of Northumbria at Newcastle
  • Committee Member:Dr Sean McGrath, University of Limerick
  • Committee Member:Dr Qasim Zeeshan Ahmed, University of Huddersfield
  • Committee Member:Dr Maryam Hafeez, University of Huddersfield
  • Committee Member:Prof Huan Nguyen, Middlesex University, London
  • Committee Member:Dr Yansha Deng, King’s College London
  • Committee Member:Dr Lina Mohjazi, University of Glasgow
Prof Nauman Aslam
Prof Nauman AslamChapter Chair

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Check out the Chapter’s past events.

3007, 2022

Event Review | IEEE UK and Ireland Section Sponsors STEM for Britain 2022 Prizes

IEEE UK and Ireland sponsored two prizes in the STEM for Britain 2022 event at the UK Houses of Parliament in London.  STEM for Britain 2022 is an exhibition of posters by early-career research scientists, engineers and mathematicians showcasing cutting edge research in engineering, science and mathematics.

Past Chairs

Dr Hoa Le Minh
Dr Hoa Le Minh2019-2022
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