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Women in Engineering Affinity Group

Welcome to the IEEE UK and Ireland Women in Engineering Affinity Group.

IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is the largest international professional organisation dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists. The mission of IEEE WIE is to facilitate the recruitment and retention of women in technical disciplines globally. IEEE WIE envisions a vibrant community of IEEE women and men collectively using their diverse talents to innovate for the benefit of humanity.

The IEEE Women in Engineering United Kingdom and Ireland Affinity Group adopts the mission and principles of IEEE WIE.

Our Affinity Group is aimed at both female and male students and full members of the IEEE who would like to contribute in the promotion of women engineers and scientists through facilitating and organising regional events. This can include:

  • Industrial and research seminars
  • Career orientated panel events to inspire the next generation
  • Pop up networking events allowing young scientists to interact with science and engineering of the future.
  • Networking events at conferences.

As a committee, we also offer mentoring opportunities, especially to young women who are thinking about careers in engineering, computer science and the pure sciences.

Chapter Committee

Dr Annabel Latham
Dr Annabel LathamAffinity Group Chair

Upcoming Events

1911, 2021

IEEE UK & Ireland Women in Engineering Affinity Group Awards Presentation

The UK and Ireland Women in Engineering Affinity Group is excited to announce that its new awards for 2021 will be presented at a virtual event on Monday 29th November at 2pm. The intention is to recognise volunteers and members who have made a significant contribution to supporting Women in Engineering.

711, 2021

IEEE WIE UKI Ambassadors Programme | Third Event of ‘Early Career Talk’ Series – Call for Participation

This third IEEE WIE UKI "Early Career Talk" event brings together the novel (state-of-the-Art) research areas in Engineering, establishing networking/collaboration links, exploring new research opportunities for developing interactions between Academia, Industry and Government fostering economic and social development.

2207, 2021

Call for Participation | Second Event of ‘Early Career Talk’ Series

This programme supports women from academia or industry who have been in an industry/postgraduate position for less than 10 years. This second event converges novel (state-of-the-art) research areas in engineering, establishing networking/collaboration links, exploring new research opportunities for developing interactions between Academia, Industry and Government fostering economic and social development.

Women in Engineering Resources

As part of our mission to showcase women in engineering careers, and to challenge stereotypes of professionals in these careers, we have developed a set of resources that we urge you to print and display in your workplace, school, college or university. We aim to show diversity, and would be delighted for you to feature on a poster or send us other resources we can share with the community.

IEEE Women in Engineering Posters

We have developed posters to spotlight women engineers from our section doing their work in exciting engineering and science careers. The posters have statements designed to enhance the public’s understanding of the contributions of women technical professionals.

We hope that the public will increasingly value the role of IEEE and technical professionals in enhancing the quality of life and environment. The IEEE WIE posters provide awareness about engineering, career options, and how engineering is shaping the future.

Furthermore, by disseminating the exciting opportunities within the field of engineering, we hope that future generations of young students will be inspired to pursue these disciplines.

Click the images to download the posters

WIE Posters Goals

  • Highlight the dynamic role models within IEEE
  • Increase public awareness about engineering careers and how they benefit humanity
  • Promote diversity within the engineering profession

Get Involved

If you are interested in participating in future editions of the poster, please submit the following information to wie-chair@ieee-ukandireland.org

  • short biography – no more than five images of you doing your work (jpg format, high resolution, 300 dpi, landscape orientation);
  • explain why you became a technical professional;
  • information or advice you would like to pass on to a young girl interested in engineering;
  • how your work as an engineer benefits humanity.
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