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Women in Engineering Affinity Group

Welcome to the IEEE UK and Ireland Women in Engineering Affinity Group.

IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is the largest international professional organisation dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists. The mission of IEEE WIE is to facilitate the recruitment and retention of women in technical disciplines globally. IEEE WIE envisions a vibrant community of IEEE women and men collectively using their diverse talents to innovate for the benefit of humanity.

The IEEE Women in Engineering United Kingdom and Ireland Affinity Group adopts the mission and principles of IEEE WIE.

Our Affinity Group is aimed at both female and male students and full members of the IEEE who would like to contribute in the promotion of women engineers and scientists through facilitating and organising regional events. This can include:

  • Industrial and research seminars
  • Career orientated panel events to inspire the next generation
  • Pop up networking events allowing young scientists to interact with science and engineering of the future.
  • Networking events at conferences.

As a committee, we also offer mentoring opportunities, especially to young women who are thinking about careers in engineering, computer science and the pure sciences.

Dr Nagham Saeed
Dr Nagham SaeedAffinity Group Chair

Steering Committee

  • Chair & Early WIE Professionals Lead:Dr Nagham Saeed, University of West London
  • Joint Vice Chair:Dr Princy Johnson, Liverpool John Moores University
  • Joint Vice Chair:Prof Aoife Foley, Queens University, Belfast
  • Diversity and Inclusion Officer & Awards & Projects Lead :Ms Ruth Lennon, Letterkenny Institute of Technology
  • Treasurer & Professional Development and Industry Links Lead:Dr Mona Jaber, Queen Mary University London
  • Schools Outreach Lead:Prof Rebecca Strachan, Northumbria University
  • Officer & Website, Social Media & Publicity Lead:Dr Nagham Saeed, University of West London
  • Officer & Early WIE Professionals Member:Dr Ying Li, University of Nottingham
  • Past Chair (2018-22):Dr Annabel Latham, Manchester Metropolitan University



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YouTube (WIE Ambassadors)

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Check out the Chapter’s past events.

1305, 2023

Watch Again | IEEE WIE UKI Early Profession Programme – 2023 Challenges and Opportunities: Enabling Technologies for Connected Smart Cities

The Industrial Internet of Things research group (IIoT) at the University of West London hosted this year’s IEEE WIE 2023 Challenges and Opportunities event, organised by the IEEE Women in Engineering UK&I Affinity Group - Early Profession programme.

2304, 2023

Watch Again | IEEE WIE UKI Ambassadors’ Scheme Early Career Talk 9

Early Career Talk aims to expose the participants to novel areas and aspects of engineering for solving real world problems. It also aims to establish a link for networking, mentorship and to create a connection for research opportunities.

1802, 2023

Watch Again | IEEE WIE UKI Ambassadors’ Scheme Early Career Talk 8

Early Career Talk aims to expose the participants to novel areas and aspects of engineering for solving real world problems. It also aims to establish a link for networking, mentorship and to create a connection for research opportunities.

611, 2022

Women in Engineering Chair | Applications Invited for Role of Chapter Chair 2023-2024 – Application Date Extended

Applications are invited from suitably experienced UK and Ireland (UK&I) Women in Engineering Affinity Group (AG) Members for the role of the Chapter Chair.

2210, 2022

Watch Again | IEEE WIE UKI Ambassadors’ Scheme Early Career Talk 7

Early Career Talk aims to expose the participants to novel areas and aspects of engineering for solving real world problems. It also aims to establish a link for networking, mentorship and to create a connection for research opportunities.

Women in Engineering Posters & Banners

As part of our mission to showcase women in engineering careers, and to challenge stereotypes of professionals in these careers, we have developed a set of resources that we urge you to print and display in your workplace, school, college or university. We aim to show diversity, and would be delighted for you to feature on a poster or send us other resources we can share with the community.

IEEE Women in Engineering Posters

We have developed posters to spotlight women engineers from our section doing their work in exciting engineering and science careers. The posters have statements designed to enhance the public’s understanding of the contributions of women technical professionals.

We hope that the public will increasingly value the role of IEEE and technical professionals in enhancing the quality of life and environment. The IEEE WIE posters provide awareness about engineering, career options, and how engineering is shaping the future.

Furthermore, by disseminating the exciting opportunities within the field of engineering, we hope that future generations of young students will be inspired to pursue these disciplines.

Click the images to download the posters

WIE Posters Goals

  • Highlight the dynamic role models within IEEE
  • Increase public awareness about engineering careers and how they benefit humanity
  • Promote diversity within the engineering profession

Get Involved

If you are interested in participating in future editions of the poster, please submit the following information to wie-chair@ieee-ukandireland.org

  • short biography – no more than five images of you doing your work (jpg format, high resolution, 300 dpi, landscape orientation);
  • explain why you became a technical professional;
  • information or advice you would like to pass on to a young girl interested in engineering;
  • how your work as an engineer benefits humanity.

Women in Engineering Working Groups

As part of our activities, IEEE UK and Ireland Women in Engineering have established a number of working groups focusing on specific aspects of our work.  We encourage participation in these working groups.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact IEEE WIE Chair.

Early Career and Ambassador Network

The Early Career and Ambassador Network works to support early career female engineers and to extend the reach of the IEEE WIE UKI committee. Launched for International Women’s Day in 2021, the WIE Ambassadors scheme was developed to mentor and involve early career women and students who wish to get involved in organising events and activities that promote the WIE mission but who may not be IEEE members.

WIE Ambassadors have developed two free and open series of online workshops; the annual ‘Challenges and Opportunities’ webinar and the bi-monthly ‘Early Career Talks’.

WIE Ambassadors are encouraged to propose and manage new projects that support the WIE committee’s aim, and are responsible for:

  • Organising a workshop/webinar, an event with a series of workshops/webinars or a conference/online conference.
  • Supporting WIE events and conferences.
  • Participating in WIE events, technical or non-technical conferences and outreach activities.

Schools Outreach

The aim of the schools outreach group is to coordinate the work of IEEE UK & Ireland WIE with respect to schools, their young people and the communities in which they live. It focuses on opening up opportunities for young people irrespective of their background and circumstances.

We know that there is still a gender imbalance across many of our subject areas and to help address this we need to open up opportunities to our young women and girls to ensure they have the knowledge, confidence and understanding about computer science, technology and engineering to make informed choices about their future. The main focus of the group for the immediate future will be to equip our members with the resources to effectively engage in school outreach by sharing expertise and resources across the wider membership, learning from one another and providing information and support through a series of events and other activities. We will also coordinate and share practice with other networks and groups working for a similar agenda and continue to lobby government and other key organisations for action and support at a national level.

Professional Development and Industry Links

This group aims at supporting and encouraging women engineers in their professional paths. The group collaborates with the industry to promote students in engineering to recruiters and illustrate potential career paths to students in a number of ways including career development days, internship opportunities, mentorship programmes, and industry’s involvement in academic advisory boards.

Given that industry roles and participation differs in various fields, we seek the help from all IEEE WIE UK & Ireland members who are encouraged to suggest themes, speakers, and companies who may be interested in supporting WIE activities.

Awards & Projects

The Awards and Projects group seeks to promote and improve the visibility of women in engineering. We can inspire others when we have visible role models and this makes it easier for women to imagine themselves in the same role.

This working group provides a platform to highlight the great work of women in engineering which we do through our yearly awards which recognise the skills and technical contribution women have made. We recognise the work of community members – including allies – to promote the visibility of women in computing.

Other projects we lead include matching up our wonderful array of female speakers with the many conferences that occur throughout the year. ’50/50′ by 2050 should not only be achievable but desirable long before then if we all play our part. Put yourself forward as a speaker and let us help connect you with an appropriate conference. Join the IEEE UK & Ireland WIE to promote and inspire women into careers in engineering.

Women in Engineering Resources

Past Chairs

Annabel Latham
Annabel Latham2018-2022
Keeley Crockett
Keeley Crockett2014-2018
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