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Watch Again | PES Distinguished Lecture – Optimal Operation of Power Systems with High IBR Penetration

IEEE PES UK&I Chapter invited Dr Zhongda Chu to give a talk on “Optimal Operation of Power Systems with High IBR Penetration” on 13 July 2023. This seminar was co-hosted by the IEEE PES Student Branch Chapter at the Imperial College, London. This seminar attracted a large online audience as well as 25 in-person attendees.

This talk introduced optimal system operation strategies which are developed to maintain the security and stability of the grid in a most cost-effective manner. On the one-hand, the dynamics-based stability constraints were derived and incorporated into the system scheduling model. On the other-hand, the fast and accurate control capabilities of the IBRs were modelled in the optimisation problem, which connects the device level control and system level optimisation to maximise the overall economic benefit. Specifically, challenges were investigated in different areas ranging from frequency and low inertia issues to short circuit current shortage and voltage problems in high IBG-penetrated systems. The impacts of different stability constraints on system operating conditions and operational cost as well as their interactions were also investigated.

About the Speaker

Zhongda Chu received BEng degrees in electrical engineering from North China Electric Power University, Beijing, China and the University of Edinburgh, UK in 2016.  He received an MSc in electrical engineering and information technology from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich, Switzerland, in 2018 and a PhD in electrical engineering from Imperial College London, UK, in 2022.

He is currently a research associate with the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London. His research interests include stability analysis, cyber-resiliency, control and optimisation of power systems with high power electronics penetration.

Dr Zhongda Chu is the winner the of IEEE PES UK&I Chapter Best PhD Thesis Competition Award 2023 (More details: here).