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Watch Again | PES Day 2022 Distinguished Lecture – Grid Modernisation: Challenges and Opportunities in Powering a Sustainable Future by Dr Julio Romero Aguero

Modernising power grids using cutting-edge technologies, devices and controls can make them ‘smarter’ and more resilient. Thus, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of power supply, which significantly reduces the occurrence of power outages. A modernised grid provides better opportunity for building a sustainable society, by increasing the integration of renewable energy sources into the energy mix, as well as reducing grid operational costs.

In this talk, Dr J. R. Aguero introduced a novel tool for the description of grid performance – referred to as ‘Grid Analytics’. According to Dr J. R. Aguero, the concept of “Grid Analytics” can be categorised into descriptive, diagnostic, discovery, predictive, prescriptive and cognitive analytics, which can be generally structured them into three forms – hindsight, insight and foresight analytics. These analytics brings myriads of challenges to grid modernisation and offers substantial opportunities for a sustainable power supply future.

Dr J. R. Aguero is the Vice President of Membership & Image on the IEEE PES Governing Board, and the Vice President of Strategy and Business Innovation at Quanta Technology. The talk was organised and hosted by The University of Manchester IEEE PES SBC. Up to 76 attendees participated in the event, including 37 IEEE members and 30 PES members.