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The Spark! Contest | IEEE UK and Ireland Section Lends its Support

The Spark! Contest develops and encourages young people to play a part in the UK and France journey to becoming zero-carbon offering a stage to a new generation of global energy champions and provides an audience of prolific industry leaders to promote and encourage their growth.

Delivered over 3 phases, the contest enables entrants to cultivate a single idea into a fully fledged business proposal.

Mission: The Spark! contest creates a fun and competitive environment fostering a Franco-British community of clean energy professionals, bringing together industry leaders of today with those of tomorrow.

Why: The world continues to race into a climate emergency and if we aren’t looking ahead then we will soon fall behind. We believe that there is no idea too big or small and who better to change the world than those who will inherit it.

Challenge: Spark! challenges the next generation to have the courage to make us think different and inspire us to act with a conscience.

Every industry needs to play its part, what could your industry do?