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IEEE UK and Ireland Rising Star Shines Bright at 2023 Volunteer Leadership Training

In a remarkable display of leadership and dedication to engineering, AbdulHameed Raji, a member of the IEEE United Kingdom and Ireland Section, has been making waves with his recent accomplishments.

His participation in the 2023 Volunteer Leadership Training (VoLT) Program highlights his commitment to leadership development within IEEE. His team’s second-place finish in the Group Project, focusing on an AI Recommender for accessing IEEE Opportunities and Funding, showcases not only his technological acumen but also his dedication to driving innovation within the organisation. As the only United Kingdom and Ireland Section Member in the VoLT program, AbdulHameed stands out as a beacon of excellence in the global IEEE community.

Since its inaugural class in 2013, the Volunteer Leadership Training (VoLT) Program has been a cornerstone in shaping IEEE volunteers into adept leaders. As of December 2022, the program has seen 498 dedicated individuals graduate, hailing from all 10 IEEE Regions and 165 Sections. This extensive reach demonstrates the program’s success in preparing volunteers for leadership not only within their local units but also on a global scale.

The VoLT Program articulates its goals across three pivotal dimensions. Firstly, it aims to accelerate volunteers’ understanding of IEEE: organization, products, services, and resources. Secondly, it strives to help volunteers grasp the nuances of their roles within their local units and, by extension, within the entire organization. Lastly, the program endeavours to craft a robust succession tool that not only develops but also meticulously prepares future IEEE volunteer leaders. Unfolding over three months, starting in September 2023, the program orchestrates a series of weekly live webinars featuring seasoned IEEE volunteers as guest speakers. These sessions delve into a spectrum of crucial leadership topics, meticulously equipping participants with the insights and skills essential for steering effective leadership within the organisation.

Abdulhameed’s journey within the VoLT Program not only showcases his dedication but also underscores the program’s efficacy in fostering leadership capabilities. As the program continues to empower volunteers globally, Abdulhameed’s success serves as a beacon, illustrating how the VoLT Program not only imparts knowledge but also actively nurtures the practical application of leadership skills within the IEEE community.