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Welcome to the IEEE UK and Ireland Blockchain Group.

IEEE UK and Ireland Blockchain Group was founded in November 2018 to focus on IEEE Blockchain Initiative (BCI), such as Pre/Standards, Education, Conferences and Events, Community Development and Outreach, Publications, and Special Projects for our UK and Ireland Section.

Blockchain, as a disruptive technology, is a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary specialism.  It is by far the most forward thinking, impactful, and disruptive emerging technology family that the Future Directions Committee and the IEEE has sought to embrace.

The vision of the IEEE UK & Ireland Blockchain Group is for an active and dynamic forum focused on member value. The aim is to serve as a forum for professional networking, learning, and growth for our IEEE UK and Ireland members in the rapidly emerging Blockchain field and to organise events covering the start-of-the-art Blockchain technology and applications.

Since the breadth and applications of Blockchain overlaps with many other fields, the UK & Ireland Blockchain Group would be open to organising joint events with the other Chapters and Groups in our Section.

The newly formed UK & Ireland Blockchain Group is currently seeking members with relevant competence and interest in all domains and specialisms. Please do not hesitate to contact the Chair if you wish to become a member or have queries and suggestions.

Group Committee

Prashant Pillai
Prashant PillaiGroup Chair

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