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Women in Engineering Webinar | Empowering Women in the Triple Helix Model

About this event

This event has been joint organised by IEEE Women in Engineering UK & Ireland (WIE UKI) Chapter and CONFIRM, the Science Foundation Ireland funded research centre for Smart Manufacturing based at the University of Limerick.


Much international research indicates that women are significantly underrepresented in many STEM fields, particularly in fields such as enginerring and manufacturing. In Ireland for example, approximately 75% of the STEM workforce are men.

This trend is seen internationally also; as per AAUW, Women and Girls make up only 28% of the workforce in STEM and tend to opt for non-engineering disciplines.

This event focuses on women who have developed successful careers pursuing fields in Engineering, Science and Technology – leading by example in male-dominant fields. It also provides an opportunity for women to share their novel research ideas, experience and skill, through interaction with all stakeholders in the research ecosystem.

This event is open to anyone interested in learning more about research related to Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing but would be particularly suited to those currently involved in STEM research or those currently working in a manufacturing or engineering setting.

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