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Webinar | SSIG : An Introduction to Patents and other Intellectual Property Rights by Dr Tahsin Ali Kassam

The Systemic Innovation Special Interest Group (SISIG), under the Systems Chapter of the IEEE UK & Ireland, is delighted to announce its second webinar in 2020.

Inventions are the bedrock of innovation. Innovation means doing something that improves a product, process or service.

Many innovations can be protected through patents and/or intellectual property (IP) rights, ensuring that an inventor can control the commercial use of their invention. An individual or company that holds a patent has the right to prevent others from making, selling, retailing, or importing that technology. This creates opportunities for inventors to sell, trade or license their patented technologies with others who may want to use them.

Dr. Tahsin Ali Kassam, a chartered engineer and practicing attorney in the field of patents and intellectual property (IP), will share his expertise and experience in the subject area. This is a must know for all aspiring innovators.

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