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Webinar | Blockchain: Peer to Peer Closed Exchanges, an Algorithmic Economics View by Dr Emanuele Ragnoli

As an introduction to peer to peer trading, this webinar is designed to discuss the technological basis for peer to peer trading with autonomous contracts.

In the last 20 years, the technological maturity of online payment systems, the widespread adoption of the WEB and advances in distributed systems and cryptology protocols are generating a new range of exchange opportunities, with related novel market models and properties. This has translated in the design and implementation of segregated p2p exchanges, where the supply of liquidity is driven by consensus and governance algorithms driven by distributes systems protocols. Within that context, this webinar introduces the technologies that underpins p2p exchanges and delve on the taxonomy and modelling of adversarial situation in which a subset of the p2p actors instantiate “economical attacks” that attempt at undermining the liquidity of the system.

About the speaker: Dr Emanuele Ragnoli is a Research Staff Member and a Technical Lead of the algorithmic economics in IBM Research – Ireland. He has 10+ years of experience in the real time implementation and control of large scale systems, ranging from their security to their systems theory design and analysis. Emanuele’s research interests are in probability theory (randomness, stochastic processes), distributed computing (consensus), cryptology and algorithmic economics.

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