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Systems Council ETSIG Webinar | What the Ukraine War means for Fossil Fuels’ Supply in Europe by Dr Ehsan Daneshvar

Last November, Cop 26 saw more than 100 world leaders converge to collaborate on the most crucial global issues; climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This climate change conference, despite all of its challenges and delivering less than expected, provided a platform for the participating countries to agree on a  significant reduction of fossil fuels and a way forward towards a net-zero carbon economy. However, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has added many new layers of complexity to the already impossibly complex environmental problems we are facing, which will certainly impact the future of our energy streams, especially in Europe.

Now Europe faces unprecedented challenges towards its energy supply, a game-changer that, while in the short term creates major concerns, could form the basis for new energy strategies towards energy independence in the future.

In this ETSIG talk Dr Daneshvar, who has years of experience in energy, environment and geosciences, will talk about the potential implications of the Ukraine war on energy supply and policy in Europe, and how renewables development might be affected.

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