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MEEPS 2023 Symposium | Navigating the Energy Transition: Challenges and Solutions

The Manchester Energy and Electrical Power Systems (MEEPS) symposium is a prestigious student-led event that has been held annually since 2012. Over these years, MEEPS has been noted for providing a platform for students, researchers and young professionals to publicise their research works and discuss the latest developments and trends in the Power and Energy Sector.

The theme for the year 2023 will be ”Navigating the Energy Transition: Challenges and Solutions”.

This symposium includes contributions on all topics related to Power & Energy, including (not limited to):

  • Planning, Operations, and Economics of Future Energy Networks
  • Advanced Technologies Applied to Power Systems
  • Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in the Power and Energy sector

As the work presented in this symposium is not published, you are still able to submit your work elsewhere, or to present your work again! Hence, you can submit to us your abstracts on work that is already published or to be published in future conferences/journals.

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