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IEEE ComSoc Emerging Technologies Initiative Backhaul/Fronthaul for Networking and Communications and IEEE ComSoc UK and Ireland Chapter are pleased to host a workshop on 6G technologies for global connectivity.


Despite the advancement of 5G technologies, billions of people around the world remain disconnected from reliable and high-quality internet services. This is primarily due to the lack of convergence in technologies that provide robust and resilient connectivity solutions.

This workshop aims to address these global challenges by focusing on the development of 6G technologies. It will feature presentations and discussions by renowned experts from various corners of the globe, sharing insights and strategies concerning the evolution of 6G technologies. Speakers will explore potential solutions and innovations aimed at bridging the connectivity gap on a global scale.

The event features invited talks from distinguished speakers from academia and industry.

  • Marco di Renzo from Universite Paris Saclay, France
  • Yansha Deng from King’s College London (KCL)
  • Syed Junaid, Curvalux
  • Halim Yanikomeroglu from Carleton University Canada
  • Lei Zhang from the University of Glasgow

This is an online event.

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