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IEEE CAS Chapter Webinar | The Engineering Evolution for the Quantum Revolution by Dr Isil Kalafat Kizilkaya

Quantum computers, what do they promise for the future?

The IEEE UK and Ireland CAS chapter is hosting this talk on the quantum operating system by introducing the idea of Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ).

An overview of engineering problems for hardware, software, firmware and verification engineers to build up the control system for a quantum computer will be provided. The actual results and improvements of Deltaflow Control compared with the current university laboratory setups, will also be covered.

About the Speaker

Dr Isil Kalafat Kizilkaya got her bachelors degree from Yildiz Technical University in 2008, her MSc degree from Bogazici University in 2011 and her PhD from the University of Westminster in 2016.

During her masters she was involved in a 3-Tesla MRI project in which she designed the LNA circuitry for a mobile MRI device. As part of her PhD, she developed a novel technique to build up time-interleaved sigma delta modulators and has mostly worked in the Aerospace Industry since completing her PhD.

She was involved in D0-254 designs focusing on digital filters, DO-254 design cycles and analysis, DO-254 auditions, RADAR false target design and system implementations.

Recently she started working at Riverlane where she contributes to building up a control system for quantum computers.

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