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Horizons of Optics, Photonics and Emerging Sciences (HOPES) Webinar | Ultrafast Fibre Lasers – Characterisation and Applications by Dr Maria Chernysheva


Once considered a solution in search of a problem, ultrafast fibre lasers have become essential tools for creating the next generation of technologies for telecommunications, medicine, sensing, and other areas of vital importance.

This presentation will review cutting-edge concepts and technologies for the development of ultrafast fibre lasers, including passive mode-locking mechanisms, novel generation regimes, and expansion of operational wavelength ranges. It will summarise the applications made possible by innovative cavity designs.


1300-1305: Introduction
1305-1350: Webinar Session

1350-1400: Break

1400-1425: Q&A Session
1425-1430: Closing Remarks

About the Speaker

Maria Chernysheva obtained her PhD in Laser Physics from the Fibre Optics Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2014. She moved to Aston University, UK shortly after.

Maria was the recipient of a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (EU Horizon 2020) and of an Engineering for Development Research Fellowship from the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Dr Chernysheva has been the leader of the “Ultrafast Fibre Lasers” Junior Research Group at Leibniz-IPHT since the beginning of 2019.

HOPES Series

With this series, the IEEE UK and Ireland Photonics Chapter is taking a different approach to seminal webinars. Instead of focusing on a single piece of research and/or innovation, we invite highly impactful researchers to discuss the future of their research domains. This will allow the speaker to share their informed view of future innovations on a platform that encourages a true exchange for shaping the evolution of science.

We hope that in such discussions, unique solutions in pure and interdisciplinary domains can be unravelled.

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