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Blockchain Webinar | Navigating Enterprise Blockchain Solutions – From Design to Deployment by Alan McGibney & Tharindu Ranathunga, Nimbus Centre, Munster Technological University


As the dust settles on the overwhelming hype surrounding Blockchain as a panacea to the world’s problems, we are now seeing the emergence of technologies and solutions that are directly targeting the enterprise and industrial market. This has led to a reinvigoration of interest from industry in identifying the potential and real value this technology can bring to their businesses.

As practitioners, this enthusiasm is welcome however there remains an air of caution among industry leaders as they try navigate past the hype and make sense of the complexities of a new, yet rapidly evolving technology.

This webinar will provide insight into practical approaches that can support industry untangle the complexities of Blockchain for their needs and make informed decisions from requirements definition through to the deployment of a Blockchain-based solution.

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