Event Review: Inaugural Members Open Day – October 2017

Professional Development and Professional Registration

Members demanded CPD in section surveys and that’s why an Education Programme was initiated and rolled out in October as detailed by the Educational Affairs Officer, Zeyad Al-Shibaany during his talk.

The current programme is founded on 14+ thematic areas which largely constitute emerging technologies each split into Introductory, Practitioner and Advanced Levels. These are being specified, developed and delivered through face to face, online and webinar modules. The updated programme will be disseminated via the section website. Zeyad announced that the Section Educational programme will be launched later in October.

The significance of professional registration, recognition and certification as a key member value cannot be overstated as presented by Brian Harrington, the Vice Chair for Professional Registration Committee. Brian elaborated that a member of already accredited engineering Institutions in the UK have been consulted and the preliminary discussions held for provision of Professional Registration to our members through these Institutions.

Member Achievements

The celebration of members’ achievements was started by screening a BBC4 documentary on dust storms as a consequence of climate change. The scientific advisor and IEEE member, Hamid Pouran and the producer Neil Cameron made a passionate plea and case for the support and continuation of the research to inform the public.

Tony Davies followed by highlighting the professional achievements of many other section members in the UK and Ireland notably:

  1. Tony Davies
  2. Mischa Döhler
  3. Alexandre Yakovlev
  4. Michael Davies
  5. Chris Toumazou

Section Awards

The best performing Chapters and members and officers with exceptional services to the Section were next recognised by certificates awarded by the Section Chair.

  1. Tony Davies
  2. Charles Turner
  3. Sarat Vegunta
  4. Cyril Onwubiko
  5. Bala Amavasai
  6. Zeyad Al-Shibaani
  7. Brian Harrington
  8. Merlyne De Souza
  9. Lai Bun Lok
  10. Wim Melis
  11. Nick Wainwright
  12. Alistair Dabbs
  13. Veronika Nesheva
  14. Lee Crudgington
  15. Noel Gomes
  16. Sevket Cetinsel
  17. Izzet Kale
  18. Keeley Crockett
  19. Princy Johnson
  1. RAS24 – Mary He and John Gray
  2. PE31 – Ivan Castro Leon
  3. IA34 – Amir Hussein
  4. CPMT21 – Christopher Bailey
  5. BT02/CE08/TM14 – Ezendu Ariwa
  6. SMC28 – Richard Mitchell

Membership Loyalty Awards

Membership Loyalty Awards were given by the Chair to the members with 25 or more years of membership and service to the IEEE and Section who had responded to the call. Notable amongst these was Reverend Williams with membership dating back to 1948, most likely the longest serving member in the section. We could not find a loyalty pin with this many years of service and had to suffice to 40! The loyalty pins were awarded to:

  1. Reverend Norman Williams
  2. Bill McQueen
  3. Dr Panos Kudumakis
  4. Prof William Sandham
  5. Paul Hathaway
  6. Dr Stephen Voller
  7. Prof B M A Rahman
  8. Graham Peace
  9. Prof Jan Sykulski
  10. Trevor J Thomas
  11. Keith D Ward
  12. Duncan A Robertson
  13. Prof Nicos Karcanias