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Continuing Professional Development


ontinuing Professional Development (CPD) equips professionals to deal with a rapidly-changing business environment.  CPD encompasses technical competence, but should also include skills that help an individual to perform as a rounded professional.   Key development areas include personal, management and business skills.

There will be two types of CPD courses, face to face in-house training and on-line courses/webinars.

The Educational Affairs Committee will verify all the training materials and assign CPD credits to every training course based on the time of the training. (1 training hour = 1 CPD credit).  It will also provide high-quality training for members who would like to become professional trainers or those who are seeking help to create their training material.

A CPD certificate will be awarded for those who will attend the training courses/webinars.

CPD at IEEE UK & Ireland Section: A Quality Education You Can Trust

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