Vehicular Technology Chapter

Welcome to the IEEE UK and Ireland Vehicular Technology Chapter.

The Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) in the United Kingdom and Ireland is concerned with technologies including mobile and wireless communications and networking, vehicular technologies such as those supporting electronic vehicles and vehicular communications, among others.

The Chapter was formed in 2011 by Oliver Holland of King’s College London and inviting in Keith Nolan from Trinity College Dublin to the leadership/formulation team. It has undertaken some major and highly prominent initiatives, including taking an active role in events linked to major research and technology projects and activities and playing an active role in organising major events such as IEEE ICC in London.

The Chapter aims to serve the VTS members in the United Kingdom and Ireland, by providing them the opportunity to attend a range of educational, informative and inspirational talks and other events linked to the aforementioned technology areas. It also aims to assist networking among members through various information technology means.

The Chapter holds a number of meetings and events every year, including distinguished lectures and structured events.

Chapter Committee

Dr Faisal Tariq
Dr Faisal TariqChapter Chair

Past Chairs

Dr Oliver Holland
Dr Oliver Holland2011-2022