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Systems Man and Cybernetics Chapter

Welcome to the IEEE UK and Ireland Systems Man and Cybernetics Chapter.

The focus of the Systems Man and Cybernetics Chapter is on the integration of the theories of communication, control, cybernetics, systems engineering, and human-factors engineering, as well as the application of these to a variety of systems including human-machine, biological, technological, and societal.

As such it covers a diverse range of areas of interest comprising Large Scale Systems, Theory and Applications; Optimisation, Decision Analysis, Problem Definition, Modelling, Simulation, Test, Evaluation, Foundations of Cybernetics, Pattern Recognition, Adaptive and Learning Systems, Biocybernetics and Man-machine Systems.

The UK and Ireland Chapter came into existence in 2002 and since then we have organised a series of successful annual conferences at various universities including Reading, Ulster, City University, Sheffield Hallam, University College Dublin, Middlesex, Birmingham and Limerick. We have also coordinated events with other groups, including one with INCOSE on Engineering Sustainable Systems, and hosted Distinguished Lectures.

Chapter Committee

Prof Huiru (Jane) Zheng
Prof Huiru (Jane) ZhengChapter Chair

Upcoming Events

112, 2021

Watch Again | SMC Webinar – The History of Cybernetics

In this webinar, Richard Mitchell, Professor of Cybernetics, discusses the origins of the subject – including the first human-made cybernetic system in 250 BC, influences prior to the Macy Conferences which led to Norbert Wiener’s 1948 pioneering book, reasons for the name Cybernetics and some notable British Cyberneticists.

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