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Engineering in Medicine and Biology Chapter

Welcome to the IEEE UK and Ireland Engineering in Medicine and Biology Chapter.

We are part of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society and we provide IEEE members in the UK and Republic of Ireland with a forum for discussion, and dissemination of ideas and results in the biomedical engineering field. We have been in existence for over 10 years and try to provide all members with activities and opportunities to discuss.

We provide a means for members of all levels from students, to young professionals and seasoned professionals – both academics and industry based. We are a relatively small community, however we aim to provide a platform for all.

Whilst our mainstay is technical seminars, we also run events for students and each year host the PGBIOMED (Postgraduate Students in Biomedical Engineering) conference which is an innovative conference run by the students for the students.

We are also interested in providing outreach opportunities to teach STEM (Science Technology Engineering and maths) to children through biomedical engineering.

Chapter Committee

Prof Christopher James
Prof Christopher JamesChapter Chair

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