Consumer Electronics and Broadcast Technology Chapter

Welcome to the IEEE UK and Ireland Consumer Electronics and Broadcast Technology Chapter.

The Consumer Electronics (CE) and Broadcast Technology (BT) Chapter strives for the advancement of the theory and practice of electronic engineering in their respective fields. It maintains a high professional standing among its members, which now number over 5000.

The CE and BT Chapters provide platform for capacity building and knowledge sharing within the Consumer Electronics, Broadcast Technology and allied disciplines associated with engineering, technology applications in industry, business and governmental sectors

The society has long been the premier technical association in the CE and BT industies. It is truly international; its publications and presentations are authored by researchers from countries throughout the world. Its activities are directed by the Society’s Board of Governors, whose members represent the technical and commercial breadth of the organisation.

The scope of technologies embraced by the Chapter, which was once limited to television, home hi-fi, and home appliances, has expanded to reflect the vast influence of modern electronics on consumer products. Indeed many emerging technologies in the field of consumer electronics are tied to the challenges being addressed by the CE Society community, ranging from the devices and networks that facilitate electronic distribution of information to technologies that will make our lives safer and easier, such as intelligent automotive navigation and control systems.

Members of the society are interested in the consumer related aspects of leisure, video, and audio entertainment electronics; home information and communications systems; and interactive information and display systems. Products in these categories include video receivers, video signal generation, processing, and distribution equipment; HDTV and other advanced TV systems; personal computer hardware and software; home automation and security systems.   They also include telephones and accessories; electronic games and toys; digital audio and video recording devices; home, mobile, and portable audio systems; personal communications devices; music electronics; and home health care electronic devices.

The Chapter supports members, including students, in developing relevant skills.  It provides opportunities for networking, mentoring and acquisition of leadership skills through participation in events such as workshops, international conferences and workshops as well as co-technically sponsored collaborative activities.

Chapter Committee

  • Chair:Vacancy
  • Treasurer:Dr Scott Linfoot
  • Committee Member:Prof Simon Sherratt
VacancyChapter Chair

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