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Computational Intelligence Chapter

Welcome to the IEEE UK and Ireland Computational Intelligence Chapter.

The IEEE Computational Intelligence (CI) Society endeavours to support the UK and Ireland CI research community by providing information and news about this exciting and advancing field of research which includes innovations in neural networks and learning systems, fuzzy logic and evolutionary computation and applications of these technologies. It supports the CI society, for the betterment of Computational Intelligence research in the UK and Ireland and, in particular, to organise and support meetings, workshops and conferences.

If you would like to learn more about the chapter, provide your views on what the chapter could or should do for CI research or would like to get actively involved in chapter activities and initiatives please contact any of the committee members. We are very keen to attract new members, so as to strengthen the CI research community and facilitate better collaboration, interaction and research exploitation.

Time is difficult to find and an expensive commodity in today’s society and working environment, be it academia, research, or industry, but we believe that investing time and effort in the chapter and obtaining guidance and feedback from CI researchers, the chapter can be much better, much more useful to researchers in the region and can contribute to the advancement of the subject.

Chapter Committee

Prof Hujun Yin
Prof Hujun YinChapter Chair

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Past Chairs

Prof Damien Coyle
Prof Damien Coyle2015-2022
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